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Random Dasey thoughts

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Hi, my name is Kelly, and I am a HUGE Dasey fan. My life is Dasey. Literally. I LOVE watching the videos, reading the fics, looking at pictures/graphics/icons...Dah, I just love it all =) I love to review/comment. Sometimes I try to contribute with Vids and Fics, but I do not think I am any good.

My other ships are:


But anywho. About me about me...I love to dance (in fact I do that randomly) mostly hip hop. Reading is another past time (anything YA/Teen) but the PC has taken up a lot of that time lately. Let's see here...Im very shy. I have curly brown hair with whiteish blonde streaks. I'm very talkative. I have little in my life. So Dasey is my savior.


**All American Rejects**
**Aly and AJ**
**Ash (No not Ashley Tisdale)**
**Cute is what we aim for**
**Fall out boy (I have fallen into the trap...)**
**Fergie (Unfortunately)**
**The Fray**
**Head Automatica**
**Now Its overhead**
**Plain White Tee's**
**Postal Service**
**Snow Patrol**
**Treaty of Paris**

And I tend to use Caps at Odd places. =/



**Dasey Fansite**:

Comeing soon